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Welcome to J5 Consulting!

J5 Consulting is a client-centric employee benefits firm. We are a group of professionals with decades of collective experience, who have developed an innovative approach to managing employee benefits that focus centered on Employee Engagement, Cost Control, and Data. What makes us different is that we listen to our clients, with a focus on their business objectives first.

A growing economy means you are pursuing innovative solutions to save money, retain talent, and be productive and compliant. Customized benefits help you compete — and seamlessly adapt to change. Our mission is to help you enhance the health and protect the wealth of your employees. In this endeavor, we are guided by a single idea — to make your employees’ lives better tomorrow through the actions we take today. We are not a firm that sells a product rather a firm that provides solutions to business objectives focused on well thought out research on your employee benefits programs.

Our Services

Employee Benefits Consulting

Employee Benefits Consulting

Increasing healthcare costs and an evolving regulatory environment demand highly technical benefit expertise.



Enrollment/ Communications

Employers today face an increasingly competitive marketplace, and a clear understanding of the benefits you provide your workforce is essential.


Financial Data Analysis

Financial Data

As employers continue to struggle with significant business and health care cost pressures, the need for organizations to be even more measurement-focused is escalating.


Employee Wellness/Engagement

Employee Wellness/Engagement

There’s a lot of buzz around “workplace wellness” in the HR industry recently and for a good reason.




To say that benefits compliance and healthcare reform are complicated is an understatement.




Training Solutions

Training Solutions

Our solution is fast and easy to set up and get your company compliant with demanding state regulations. Don’t waste time developing your training sessions or course materials. 


Why Choose Us.

Our focus is you – Your Growth, Your Talent, Your Success.

J5 Consulting invests time in listening to our clients’ needs, objectives, and business goals long before we discuss solutions. Our team of experienced consultant’s work with our clients in developing a sustainable strategy for employee benefits programs. Our consultants work tirelessly to educate our clients on areas of compliance, communication, education, wellness, employee engagement, technology and various funding alternatives for health care spending. Our goal is to provide sound advice that helps transform your employee benefit offering to be the driver to attract and retain the professionals you employ.

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Compensation Disclosure:

J5 Consulting is transparent in disclosing our fees and commission. We are paid one of two ways: 

1. Commission: Commission is paid by the carriers who provide services to you the client. This method of payment is reported to you on your 5500 and will be disclosed on each illustration J5 presents to you.

2. Consulting Fee: A consulting fee is a fee J5 charges our clients. There is no commission paid by the carriers rather a monthly/quarterly bill sent by our firm based on an agreed upon rate.

In either method of paying our fees are transparent and disclosed to you.