Employee Benefits Consulting

Increasing healthcare costs and an evolving regulatory environment demand highly technical benefit expertise. Our benefits professionals provide the knowledge and resources to optimize our clients’ critical benefit decisions for maximum impact. We are focused on listening to our clients’ business goals and developing an employee benefits approach to enhance the employee experience while constantly managing costs for the organization.

Employee benefits play a central role in creating an engaged and healthy workforce. To help your benefits programs attract the best people and meet their evolving needs, we will partner with you to develop a deep understanding of your sector, business strategy, reward strategy, growth projections, and goals. We understand employers need the right strategic partner and advisor to help them manage both their short-term cost control challenges as well as the longer-term issues of health program management, compliance, employee engagement, accountability, health, and well-being. We are focused on delivering better outcomes to both your benefits program and your employees.

We provide holistic benefits program management services that include: 

* Strategic Planning

* Program Design & Management 

* Financial Analysis & Management 

* Compliance Advisory Services 

* Benefits Technology and Administration services 

* Employee Communication & Engagement 

* Employee Support/Advocacy 

* HR Solutions 

* Voluntary Benefits