Healthcare Analytics Company

As a prominent healthcare analytics company, J5 Consulting sets itself apart by offering services that go beyond the scope of monthly claims data and trends analysis. Our healthcare data management system uses this data to manage the programs you offer, finding meaning in real-time or historical data and making predictions to improve the probability of success.

Healthcare analytics is the process of deriving insights from patterns and correlations found in healthcare big data and used to make better healthcare decisions. One size does not fit all which is why we tailor each healthcare data management system for each client.

Our clients typically need a broad array of reporting and analyses. Because our work is modeled to meet the needs of each client, at the onset of our relationship we will discuss your specific needs regarding reporting, including both content, format, and timing. Our healthcare analytics company does a variety of “dashboards” for a quick summary of essential data elements, but those are also generally designed in cooperation with our clients to ensure that their most important metrics are represented. Timing is also dictated by client needs. We will work with the Client’s team to discover your needs and develop the reporting format, timing, and content that fills your needs, whatever they may be. If you are looking for a custom healthcare analytics solution, you can count on J5 Consulting!


* Monthly claims reports: Medical, Rx, Dental, Vision 

* Quarterly utilization reporting 

* Renewal and Marketing Analysis

For companies seeking a strategic health analytics solution, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about our healthcare analytics company!