Strategic, Hands-Free Employee Benefits Management Begins Here

Employee Benefits are the 2nd largest expense besides payroll. Strategizing effectively with J5 Consulting and receive:

  • A consulting firm that develops a deep understanding of your sector, growth strategy, and business goals.
  • Actionable strategies that deliver better outcomes for your employees and your benefits program. 
  • Diligent analysis of your expenditures to ensure every dollar is spent optimally.
  • Turnkey benefits implementation, including employee education.
  • Decades of employee benefits experience at your service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why J5 Consulting?

J5 Consulting has assisted dozens of companies with optimizing their employee benefits program, and clients are consistently surprised by the depth of assistance we provide. Where our competitors rubber-stamp their strategies with little thought, J5 Consulting invests time and energy into understanding our clients’ needs before we discuss solutions to develop sustainable improvements to your employee benefits plan.

Is it difficult to implement a new employee benefits program?

J5 Consulting has implementation down to a science. Our cutting-edge, user-friendly tech eliminates the need for messy paperwork, educates your employees on their new benefits in an easy-to-follow way, and provides both mobile and desktop applications for maximum accessibility.

It’s not just simple for your employees either — administration tasks are consolidated and simplified for your management as well. Accurate and up-to-date employee benefits data is at your fingertips to help you make informed decisions about your employee benefits program. 

How can an employee benefits program benefit my business?

Employee benefits are a driving factor in ensuring your employees are happy, healthy, and content, and employees that feel cared for are shown to be more productive and loyal. It’s not just an investment in your employees, but in the long-term health of your business! Keep your best employees on the team by investing in their wellbeing.

How can you help my company stay compliant with relevant laws?

J5 Consulting specializes in staying up to date with critical legislative, regulatory, and judicial decisions that may require action on your company’s behalf. This ensures that you can meet regulation standards without sacrificing operational efficiency.

How do you receive payment?

J5 Consulting is transparent in disclosing our fees and commission for our benefits consultant services. We are paid one of two ways:

1. Commission: Commission is paid by the carriers who provide services to you the client. This method of payment is reported to you on your 5500 and will be disclosed on each illustration J5 presents to you.

2. Consulting Fee: A consulting fee is a fee J5 charges our clients. There is no commission paid by the carriers rather a monthly/quarterly bill sent by our firm based on an agreed upon rate.

In either method of paying our fees are transparent and disclosed to you. Contact us today to learn more about our HR services. Our dedicated employee benefits advisors are ready to assist you in enhancing your corporate wellness.