4 Ways to Increase Employee Happiness & Productivity in 2023

Improving employee engagement today is a different beast than it once was, but with the advent of useful productivity tools and a better understanding of employee psychology, employers are finding innovative methods of keeping their employees engaged and contented. Even better, these techniques are easy to implement in most workplaces and can make a significant difference in the office environment. Let’s discuss modern ways that employers can increase employee happiness and productivity in 2023. 


1. Provide flexible hours

One of the biggest factors in an employee’s job satisfaction is having a work-life balance. Providing employees with flexible hours can allow them to fit their daily work tasks around other commitments such as school, sports, or family events while improving their overall productivity at work. 

Think of flexible hours as a demonstration of trust in your employees; by allowing them to shape their own workday, they can capitalize on their peak productivity hours while still maintaining control of their time. This is why it’s important to provide employees with the flexibility they need to perform their best at work. Whether it’s allowing them to work from home during a day off or allowing them to change their working hours to fit their personal needs, this form of respect helps employees feel valued. 


 2. Nurture employees’ feeling of purpose

Another key factor in an employee’s job satisfaction is feeling like their work has a purpose and meaning. Employees that can connect to the meaning of their work are more satisfied with their job, which in turn boosts morale and increases productivity. 

You can help your employees find the value in their work by describing the greater impact their work has, even if it’s as simple as helping others to perform their role in the company. Your company’s code of ethics is also an excellent resource to reference to help your employees understand the importance of their work. If your company is committed to a greener future, then you can help your employees understand that they’re helping the company work towards that goal. 


3. Providing clear growth opportunities

A common reason for an employee’s dissatisfaction with their job is a lack of clear growth opportunities at the company. Feeling stuck in one place can be demoralizing, which can prompt your employees to start looking to other companies for growth opportunities. 

You can cultivate the talent in your workforce by offering trainings so employees can learn new skills, which allows them to become more valuable to the company and rise in the ranks. Importantly, you can train your managers to take special note of solid and exceptional work so that employees know that talent will be recognized in your organization. 


4. Offer a comprehensive employee health benefits plan

Offering your employees a health benefits plan is a clear method of improving employee engagement at work. Not only are employees happier, but they’re more productive, less likely to call in sick, and ultimately improve the company’s bottom line. According to the CDC, employers that support workplace health report a greater percentage of employees at work every day. 

That’s why J5 Consulting wants to help you choose the very best employee benefits plan for your organization’s goals without adding a pile of extra work to your daily tasks. J5 takes care of every step, from implementation to communication to managing and mitigating costs. To learn more about our commitment to improving your company culture while helping you save money, schedule a no-obligation call with one of our strategists today. 



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